Positive Action Steps

Positive Action Steps LogoSuccess generally isn’t instant. Success generally flows from time spent working toward your dream or long term goal.

Sometimes success appears instant but behind the scenes you will probably find the successful person has spent many years honing their skills and working positively toward their dream or long term goal. It has most likely become their passion.

Successful people are right into personal development even if they don’t realize it. They are usually taking positive action steps every day in pursuit of their dream or long term goal. Step by step they grow and become tremendous exponents of their craft. Commitment and consistency over time generally leads to success.

Successful people also have an ability to stay extremely focused on their goal for many years and they have an uncanny ability to overcome any difficulties or obstacles they encounter along the way. They have an ability to solve whatever problems or difficulties which may arise and never become disillusioned.

As part of your personal development you should try to incorporate a commitment strategy. That strategy should be triggered automatically every time you suffer a setback. You need to guard against becoming disillusioned. It might involve a degree of positive self talk or it could be a simple little process you follow.

That little process might take this form:

1. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down if needed.
2. Accept what has happened … generally one cannot undo what has taken place.
3. Identify clearly in your mind what the setback is and why it has happened.
4. Identify who is responsible for it happening … is it something you did?
5. Identify what you can learn from what has taken place … is there something you can do to overcome the setback now; is there something you need to learn to prevent a reoccurrence of the setback.
6. Identify what impact this set back will have on your long term goal.
7. Reaffirm your commitment to achieving your goal. Don’t be disillusioned and quickly focus your energy back on achieving your dream or long term goal.

The important action to take is to stay focused and resist the temptation to give up or become disillusioned. Take positive action steps every day toward achieving your dream or long term goal.

Life is a learning process which should never end. Every day the world changes … there is always going to be better way of doing things. New gadgets and programs are created all the time … which apparently are designed to make our lives better! Processes become faster and more efficient. The world won’t stand still for anyone so we need to accept that and continue to learn.

One of the best ways to learn is to embrace personal development and be receptive to learning and growing. Learn to be positive and work through things step by step. Talk to people you respect as being more knowledgeable. Associate with other like minded positive people. There will always be somebody who can help you to learn new skills, to deal with setbacks and to achieve your goals.

As part of your personal development make a commitment to achieving your goal whatever it takes. If success doesn’t come as quickly as you would like commit yourself to keep working at it. You must laser focus your mind on the end goal and not waiver to those nasty obstacles that bob up from time to time.

Never give up! Constantly search for answers. Learn to experiment … never hesitate to seek help. Trust your instincts and find answers.

Hand in hand with commitment is consistency. It’s no good putting in a great effort today and doing nothing tomorrow. Learn to take positive action steps every day. Ultimately, by putting a foot forward everyday your journey to success will be one step closer.

Begin your personal development journey today. Allocate time to work toward achieving your goals. Whilst some people dedicate considerable time to their passions it is probably healthy and wise to find a balance. Develop a “can do” attitude, commit to what you desire to achieve and consistently work toward your measure of success.

Never be afraid to review your progress and be honest with yourself. Take time out once a month and seriously question your progress (are you doing your best?), are you still on target to achieve your goal (could you be doing more?) and is your strategy still appropriate (are you still achieving progressive milestones?).

Most importantly don’t forget to have some fun along the way! Seriously if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing you probably need to reassess your dream. If it isn’t giving you pleasure or enjoyment you probably need to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. It is very hard to be passionate about achieving something if it isn’t bringing you any enjoyment.

Personal development is fun and with commitment and consistency over time I’m confident you will unlock your true potential.

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